Recent Renovation of Lobby and Entrance

 The renovation of the Interior Design Building completed in 2013  provided an up-to-date presence for its merchants and an impressive visual identity for the building.

On the exterior, the lower façade was modified to unify and enhance the overall existing character of the building.

 As visitors approach the building, they are guided through the new glass façade into the dramatic lobby beyond.

Once in the lobby, the various textural materials of limestone and wood greet visitors at ground level. The new lobby design is a way-finding tool leading visitors toward the renovated elevator which delivers them to the building’s showrooms. New architectural lighting  illuminates the ground floor space both inside and out.

Demiurge moves into the Interior Design Building

The Interior Design Building is pleased to welcome a new proprietor in Demiurge. The European antiques merchant follows on from Amy Perlin Antiques, continuing in the vein of the extraordinary antiques business. After the sad departure of Perlin herself, Demiurge, owned and run by Perlin’s niece, Rachel Schorr, continues along the quirky European theme for which Amy Perlin Antiques was so well known.  Demiurge deals in rare and eclectic antique furniture from across the centuries, alongside 20th century designs and custom antique pieces.

New Tenant at the IDB

New Tenant

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